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Recent Requests

Hi, i need an estimation for electrical heating cost for 1235 square feet apt in a semi- detached building.

Rabin M

I installed a GFI in my bathroom and the switch and light worked. The light went off and tripped the GFI which I was able to reset. A day or two later the light blew again but I am not able to reset the GFI. I turned off the power to the switch but my voltage meter indicates there is still power at the plug.

Gary S

Check the electric panel and heat and air conditioning system.

Carole P

Need to replace small apartment fuse panel with a breaker panel. Replace an outdoor electric socket and a few minor smaller issues.

Karen Y

Remplacer le mazout par des plinthes /electriques

Rolande Z

My electrical installation at home is not grounded. Could you please give me a quote about much would it cost to fix it? Thanks

Oswaldo T

I wish to change a fuse box into a circuit breaker box for my upper duplex unit.

Tom B

A ceiling light has stopped working and it appears that it has to do with the wiring in the ceiling or switch. Could you please contact us with a cost estimate for the repair.

Marie E

We are in the planning process of renovating our kitchen, during which we are considering adding a heated floor. Do you do this kind of project? If so, how much would you charge? The floor surface area is 110-120 ft. square, and we are considering replacing the current wall heater fan which, in our opinion, just is not sufficient. The time frame is end of September / October 2018. Paul

Paul E

Bonjour, je suis locataire et la prise du salon veut prendre en feu lorsque j'ajoute à mes autres appareils, le climatiseur (11,000 BTU). J'habite dans cet appartement depuis 15 ans et j'ai toujours eu un climatiseur l'été. Je voudrais que vous remplaciez cette prise et me dire s'il faut changer les fils. Merci !

Carole B